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Drinking Games - (DMHG) K | based on Drinking Games by drcjsnider
Just Draco - (DM) K
Sonata - (DMHG) K | based on Sonata by rivertempest
The Hanged Man - (HP) K+ | based on The Fool, the Emperor, and the Hanged Man by ianthe_waiting
We Happy Few 1 - (DMHG) K+ | based on We Happy Few by jkrsunkmyship
We Happy Few 2 - (DMHG) K+ | based on We Happy Few by jkrsunkmyship</div>

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Well hello, f-list.

Apologies for my absence. Midterms and finals were practically one and the same, so I couldn't catch a break. Projects were bitches, and so was RL.

I have so much fandom stuff to catch up with. So many art to finish, while my tablet is still at my boyfriend's. I feel like breaking in to his house to get it back, but I don't think he and his folks would appreciate that when they get back from vacation.

In other random news... OMG DID YOU SEE SYFY'S ALICE MINISERIES?? Hatter = ♥!!!
fell off the internet


I swear I'm back this time.

I know I made a post a few weeks ago about me finally getting some online action, but then something RL came up, and I had to leave the interwebz for a while again.

BUT now I'm pretty sure that's settled, so I can get back to fandom stuff.

I was in the middle of catching up with a few DHr fics, so I'll wrap that up, while checking up on you lovely f-list people and the comms. The deadline for hp_triangle  is soooo close, so I guess it's time to set up the stuff, etc etc. I haven't talked to terravayne  in a while, though...

So this week, the only fun thing I did was drive a friend to school (ARC), while breaking the speed limit by...oh, I don't know...25 mph? But that's acceptable, right, if you're going with the traffic. It was a 65 zone, but everyone else were going 80+. Naturally, to avoid getting in an accident, I had to speed up like whoa. I really don't like going against the rules, or breaking the law. But hey, LIFE > LAW.

How was your week, bbs?
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shia+megan hearts

Slow Spinning Redemption [DM/HG, fanmix]

I did a little scavenger hunt around the old files in my computer, and I found a fanmix I made a while back. :DDD The original covers were okay, but I felt the need to "update it"... Of course, this could also be an excuse for me to use that gorgeous photo of Tom from GQ.

There's a little story, too, if you follow the legend. ;)

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This day has been spent productively, I think. I was at Sami's (starsfallforus), and I helped her with her "Tom Felton Project". And by helped I mean sitting on her bedroom floor, watching RENT, while she practically covered her arms and face with charcoal. I'm more of a cartoony artist, really, while she's the one with the traditional training. I doubt I'd be much help anyway.

She didn't really want to show the world her project just yet; she's waiting for the premiere, but I bugged her to let me show the progress. Here's a crappy picture we took with her crappy webcam.

She is "purposefully avoiding the face, because it's very tricky AND I DON'T WANT TO MESS UP TOM'S FACE." Right. Gotcha. I wouldn't want to do that to Tom's face either.

Anyway, now that I'm back home, I should start with my exchange assignments.
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weirdest window cling ever

Oookay... 0.o

I was doing random searches on eBay, just for fun. And I typed in 'Tom Felton'. This is what I saw:

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This oddly brings the Sectumsempra/Sectusempra (??? I lost my copy of HP6) incident. Either it's that, or it's a manip. Either way, I just thought it'd be weird to have that image stuck to any of my windows.

I also thought about buying a DVD set of all 5 Harry Potter movies, since I don't own any. I have a lame VCD copy of GoF, though. Meh. I'm kinda broke right now, so maybe that can wait.

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I just finished reading "The Beggar-Thief" by gravidy.


Wow. It was intense. Very unique, and very different from the DHr fics I've read. But coming from the same author of "Stone Dragons", I'm not surprised. (Maybe a bit, but only because the fic was very unconventional. My head is still spinning.) It was like Star Wars, Star Trek, War of the Worlds, and all other alien movies combined.

It definitely gave me goosebumps, and the ending made me do an involuntary shiver. I want to know what really happened to Hermione...

I signed up as an artist for harrypotterbang. It was tempting to sign up as author, but I don't think I'd make it to the end without losing my mind a gajillion times before then. Besides, I still have dyno_drabblesdramione_duet, and hp_secret_santa to keep me busy. Not to mention hp_triangle in a few weeks.

This is quite an action-packed year for fandom. :D
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Received my dramione_duet assignment last night, so I spent most of my time during Mass going over plot bunnies. I am such a sinner. Aside from thinking up ways to go about with my assignment, the latest photo from Tom Felton's shoot with Kai Z Feng kept popping up in my mind. The reason why I like DHr so much is because of Tom, so seeing a really dreamy photo of him just made the Dramione fangirl in me squee and go hyperactive.

Also, I just remembered that I also had an assignment for hp_secret_santa. Still stuck on that. I got quite specific prompts, which is good (saves me the trouble of making one up), and not so good (because my mind is still in pandemonium).

To unwind, I spent an hour reading Fred/Hermione fics over at books_freckles. I don't want to spend too much time there, or I might obsess full-time over F/Hr again. That's the last thing I need, what with all the DHr action I'm in right now. F/Hr can wait.

I am interested in some Draco/Harry, though... I've never been into slash, but the hype over Drarry has always intrigued me. Fic suggestions, anyone?
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Finally submitted my hermionebigbang rough draft art. After literally a dozen drafts, I settled with the one I started two weeks ago (and forgot about) and polished it. It's kinda NSFW, I think. I tend to do that with most of my Draco/Hermione fanart.

Also, due to the latest smexy photo of Tom Felton from the Kai Z Feng photoshoot, I tried my hand at icon-making again. I can't seem to make more than a handful, though, so I really admire those people who can spit out large batches of icons in one post. I've only made not more than 20 these past few months, and all of them are in this post, which I shall update now and then should I feel like making more icons.

Meanwhile, over at hp_triangle, we have had 32 people (if I counted right) sign up already, and it's just Day 3! We have 15 more days until sign-ups close, so I expect the first ever Trianglefest will be quite festive. :DDD

Month Two of dmhgchallenge has started, too, so we'll be served with another round of 100-word drabbles in a few weeks. The prompt is earring, so I bet this month's entries will be interesting.

Whew! No wonder I love this fandom so much. There's always something to do, and there are so much creative people around to keep each other entertained. Thank you, JKR. ♥
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comm: hp_triangle pimping

The first ever Trianglefest is launching! Sign-ups will begin on July 1, so if you think you have time despite the many exchanges and challenges and Big Bangs going around, terravayne and I would love it if you join us in the funness! You may check the timeline here.

Although hp_triangle was born in a little discussion post in dramione, all pairings (or threesomes/triangles) are welcome. You can even go for crazy triangles like the Giant Squid/Hogwarts/Fang...provided there is an equally adventurous participant who'll take it. ;)

hp_triangle  wants YOU! Join now! :D
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